A World of Surface Protection Solutions
Flat glass protection
Safety back film Novacel®9212 for mirrors

Flat glass applications are numerous in the building: from the window to the appliances through the decoration. Glass is present in all parts of the building in various forms, inside and outside:

  • Glazing: windows, doors and bay windows, stained glass,...
  • Mirrors
  • Splash backs / dressing doors / lacquered glass partitions
  • Interior doors, furniture, partitions
  • Oven doors, cooking plates
  • Stairs, lifts,
  • Solar panels, bus shelters, advertising street furniture, shop windows and showcases,...

For all these uses, NOVACEL offers you a wide range of plastic protective films, suitable for:
  • the chemical nature of your coatings,
  • your different surface structures (smooth, frosted, structured...)
  • your production and / or processing constraints (heating, washing, conveying, grinding, coating, cutting, drilling, polishing,...), handling, storage and transportation.
Whatever the glazed surfaces to be protected (standard clear glass, frosted, -low emissivity coating, anti-reflection, fire retardant, self-cleaning,... -, lacquered, mirrors, solar panels..., we study your processes and we offer the plastic film that meets your demand and constraints. The plastic film is applied by means of an easy-to-use machine on the glass and avoids scratches, dirt, marks, corrosion ...

Novacel® plastic films offer reliable and safe protection:

  • with a stable and controlled adhesiveness throughout the cycle of use,
  • with, in some cases, outdoor ageing,
  • which can be removed easily and without tearing, without "blocking",
  • Respect the quality and perfect finish of your surfaces without leaving any residue, stains or marks after the plastic film has been removed.
Novacel is very active in the development of new solutions for the protection of glass surfaces.

Visit our website www.novacel-safetyfilms.com to discover the new permanent safety film dedicated to mirrors and lacquered glass: NOVACEL®9212.