A World of Surface Protection Solutions
Bare Metals protection: Stainless Steel, Bare Aluminium, Anodised Aluminium

Novacel proposes a wide range of innovative solutions for the protection of uncoated metals, specially adapted to :

  • the type of surfaces to be protected,
  • the different structures of your surfaces,
  • your constraints in terms of manufacturing, transformation (slitting, cutting, forming, continuous or discountinuous stamping, folding, bending, LASER cutting), handling, storage and transport.
Novacel® film application on uncoated metals Novacel® protective film during deep drawing Novacel® protective film for LASER cutting operations

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Novacel is committed to bringing you reliable, trouble-free solutions:

  • with stable and controlled adhesiveness throughout the transformation cycles and during storage,
  • with significant outdoor resistance (2 to 6 months),
  • allowing LASER cutting of protected sheets in a single pass,
  • with no blocking, and easy removal without without tearing,
  • adapted to stamping operations,
  • with "easy peel" properties for processes requiring quick and easy removal of protection at the end of the production line,
  • preserving the quality and the impeccable finish of your surfaces without leaving residues, stains or marking once the film is removed.

The major industrial references trust in Novacel.

Novacel is continually expanding its expertise on bare metal through partnership with the European association ECCA (European Coil Coating Association), of which Novacel is a member.

Novacel protective films can be printed with your logo, your brand, an advertising or a technical message. They will then become a printed media serving your image and your products.

Please download "Bare Metals" or the "LASER Cutting" leaflet.