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Thermoformable film to resist heat

Many plastic items such as bathtubs, shower trays, sink basins, roof domes, caravan skylights, car dashboard parts, front doors, etc. are obtained by thermoforming smooth, rigid sheets or plates of plastic material.

The plastic material sheets or plates used are generally polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), polycarbonate (PC), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene terephtalate (PET) or polystyrene (PS).

Thermoformable film to resist heat

The thermoforming technique consists in shaping a plastic part using heat and pressure. This seemingly simple technique in fact requires the mastery of highly advanced human and technical skills, as several parameters need to be taken into account: softening temperature, heating zones inside the furnace, the behaviour of the plastic in contact with the mould, etc.

Novacel self-adhesive, co-extruded films are especially well suited to the protection of these thermoformable plastic parts.

Equipped with a well designed and correctly adjustment application machine, you will be able to achieve optimum application of the film onto the thermoformable plastic surface to be protected. You can therefore directly thermoform your material with the Novacel protection film. Protected in this way, the surface will be spared possible soiling and scratching.

Novacel coextruded self-adhesive films have the advantage of protecting thermoformable plastic surfaces both during and after the thermoforming operation, they act as a "second skin".

Once the thermoforming operation is complete, it is very easy to remove the film without tearing it, and the surface keeps its initial spotless appearance.

NOVACEL specifically recommends its customers to always carry out a complete test before using the selected product. This test should especially take into account the type of material on which it will be used, the surface condition of the material, working constraints, as well as the duration and the different ageing conditions required by the customer.

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