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LASER FIBER & LASER CO2:One NOVACEL solution for both cutting technologies!

Always a step ahead in the stainless steel protection, NOVACEL is glad to introduce a new product, 4228REF, for both LASER Fiber and CO2 cutting technologies. This product has been engineered in partnership with Trumpf for fiber LASER cutting technology. The 4228REF is approved by Trumpf, Bystronic and Salvagnini on LASER Fiber.

NOVACEL 4228REF main features:

  • Color: black / light grey
  • Film type: Polyolefins UV treated
  • Outdoor resistance: 3 months
  • Thickness: 100 µm
  • Adhesive type: solvent based rubber adhesive
  • Adhesion strength (AFERA 4001): 140 cN/cm
  • Lengths: 1000 and 500 metres
  • Dedicated specific print

NOVACEL 4228REF can be used for both LASER cutting technologies (Fiber and CO2).

NOVACEL 4228REF has a unique light grey color which easily identifies product that is suitable for cutting with fiber LASER machines.

Novacel 4228REF provides many benefits that make all the difference:

  • Protected sheet metal can be LASER cut in a single pass with Fiber or CO2 technologies
  • Film does not separate from the surface during the LASER cutting operation, preventing the formation of air bubbles.
  • Minimal shrinkage an clean edges
  • Outdoor resistance of 3 months
  • The film may be easily removed in one piece, with no blocking or tearing
  • The unique light grey color easily identifies protected plates that can be cut with LASER Fiber and LASER CO2 machines
  • A specific print shows both the potential for the correct direction for sheet metal shaving and abrasion

NOVACEL 4228REF cuts down on LASER-cutting time and maintains surface integrity throughout the cycle of various mechanical transformations (bending, backing, stamping, forming, etc.).

The film’s specific characteristics allows for automated protected sheet-metal handling while avoiding any risk of taking two plates at the same time.

NOVACEL 4228REF is totally free of any raw materials that could produce hazardous outflow to the operators or equipment during LASER cutting operation. NOVACEL 4228REF is recyclable, as it is with the entire NOVACEL range.

Samples are available upon request.

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