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Frequently Asked Questions

Use :For what is used the NOVACEL protective film ?

Le rôle du film Novacel

Because each of your surfaces is unique, aesthetic and fragile, Novacel films provides a protective barrier to contamination and damage throughout all stages of transformation, handling or installation, transport and storage. It exposes the original quality of your products in pristine condition.

It guarantees a better productivity by avoiding the final improvements and final cleaning during heavy operations, such bending, cutting, forming. They reduce the rejection rate, as a combatant scratches, dirt, score marks during all stages of the process.

Composition :How is the Novacel protective film made up ?

Composition film Novacel

Novacel holds more than one hundred of films to its range. According to your surfaces, we propose:

The coated film
The coextruded film

Application : How is the Novacel protective film applied ?

L'application du film Novacel

In order to ensure that Novacel film is used with optimum effectiveness, it is necessary that it be applied to the surface to be protected with the appropriate application equipment.
Well-designed and well-set-up film application equipment makes it possible to apply the film :

  • automatically on a production line or off it,
  • with even pressure levels over the whole area of the film,
  • without creasing the film, without bubbling,
  • with minimum tensioning of the film along its width, lengthwise axes.
In some cases, the protective films can be applied by hand.
For further information, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Présentation How is the Novacel protective film presented ?

Les différentes formes

Protective films are supplied in rolls of cardboard core whose interior diameter is 76 mm.
They are supplied in widths from 300 mm up to 2800 mm and from 500 m up to 4500 m in lengths according to the products. In certain conditions, protective films are supplied in widths lower than 300 mm.
At any moment the type of Novacel film can be identified by means of the codes on the packaging, in the rolls and, where necessary, by codes stamped on the ends of the roll.

Surface :Could I apply the Novacel protective film to any surface ?

Les surfaces compatibles

Recommending a film is a very important part of our service. With each project corresponds an answer. Satisfying your needs is only possible by discussing your requirements with you, and thus provide the best advice. We will analyse your needs in depth :

  • material to be protected
  • conditions for application and use
  • economic aspect
With our care and continual for quality, very quickly you will appreciate we are talking the language of your business. Thus together we will determine the protective film which will correspond best to your product.
We will select with you technical answers.
We will answer your questions, follow with you your evolutions and making you benefit from our know-how.

Printing :Can the protective film be used as a vector of communication ?

Novacel, vecteur de communication

The NOVACEL film can be printed in one or two colors for your logo, your trademark, an advertisement, to specify conditions of use, notes of assembly of your products and to specify technical standards. The printed NOVACEL film then becomes a real media to support your corporate identity and your products.
Please consult us for your printed projects.

Order :To whom shall I speak to order Novacel protective film ?

Passer commande
  • You are already a customer : you can order directly by fax (+ or email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) ; your commercial will answer directly all your requests.
  • You wish to become a customer : please contact your commercial who will join you in all your steps.

Garantees :What are the guarantees covering the use of protection film ?

Les garanties d'utilisation

NOVACEL only guarantees the use of protection film for its recommended purposes. These guarantees are explained in each of the technical data sheets provided with the NOVACEL protection film that you ordered.

Term of use:

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