A World of Surface Protection Solutions
Extended Service around protective films

Complete, local solutions

Working together with some of our major customers, we have developed our "service centers" to offer you a complete approach to your "protection/quality" issues. Our technical assistance teams can quickly be operational on your sites to recommend the most appropriate film for your needs, advise you on the selection and installation of your fitting equipment and help you with applying the films.

Products in your image

Our protective films are also an excellent means of communication. At your request, they can be printed with your logo, brand image or slogan. They are also the perfect medium for your product instructions, technical specifications or conditions of use.

A local service

Our network of distributors and all our international agents can guarantee you a top quality, flexible and local service, especially in terms of "just in time" deliveries.

An information system common to all our units enables us to maintain our process of continuous improvement.