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Pe film: Novacel polyethylene

Novacel advocates the protection of fragile surfaces, from external aggressions, by using a self-adhesive polyethylene (PE) film during manufacturing, handling, storage and assembly operations. This solution gives the best protection from stains, scratches, dust, chipping, etc. and is easy to apply to pre-lacquered metal, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic plates, laminated material, glass, etc. Novacel helps you to create value by proposing surface protection films that can be used throughout your manufacturing process and/or that of your customers. Using this solution, the protected materials keep their initial surface quality. Until the beginning of the 1990s the only technology available to manufacture protective solutions was coated PE film, but this was then completed by the introduction of adhesive coextrusion technology. Novacel kept pace with the changing market and was already proposing adhesive coextruded materials in 1995.

Today, therefore, Novacel uses two different technologies:

  • Coating, which consists of applying a thin coat of adhesive onto a polyethylene (PE) support.
  • Coextrusion, which consists of pushing molten plastic material into a multi-layer die to form a thin film. To obtain an adhesive coextruded product, material with an adhesive property is included in one of the outer layers.
These films become true communication media that can be used to promote your brand by printing your logo, an advertising slogan, or user instructions. Novacel's 30 years of experience in self-adhesive polyethylene films makes it the obvious partner for surface protection.