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La technologie Novacel

Novacel films ensure a material’s surface remains intact. Through every stage of manufacture or processing - bending, drilling, stamping, profiling, handling, transport and storage -, Novacel film provides a protective barrier against external damage, preventing scratching, soiling…

The protective film is applied on surfaces as diverse as stainless steel, aluminum, precoated metals, "plastics sclerosis ou profiles, laminates, carpet, glass...

Enduction Novacel
The type and condition of the surface to be protected determine the formulation of the film’s adhesive layer so it can be removed easily and without trace in any situation.


Coating to file a regular layer of specially formulated adhesive on a substrate (plastic or paper).
The NOVACEL ® films are available up to 2850 mm.

Coextrusion Novacel


Coextrusion permits multi-layered films to be produced from thermoplastic polymers, with one layer having adhesive characteristics specially tailored to the surface to be protected.
Novacel coextruded films are available in widths up to 3200 mm.


We have been using flexographic printers for over 20 years. Novacel self-adhesive films can also be printed in one or more colours.

Impression Novacel

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