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Protection for Automotive Exterior Surfaces

NOVAGUARD® 9275:the ecological solution for protecting automobile car body during transport and storage.

Novacel, the world leader in surface protection films, is continuing the introduction of NOVAGUARD® 9275.

This white plastic film, 60 µm thick, is designed to protect automobile car body against external aggressions (acid rain, bird droppings, tool marks, etc.) during assembly, transport and storage in depots. It has 9 months exterior weather resistance throughout the world.

NOVAGUARD® 9275 film is supplied in 200 m reels, in widths ranging from 30 mm to 2,800 mm.

Fully committed to a policy of sustainable development, Novacel has designed NOVAGUARD® 9275 on the basis of polyolefins. Thanks to its solvent-free adhesive, no treatment of discharges into the atmosphere is necessary.

As long as it is not soiled during use, it can be reclaimed through incineration or recycled. In addition, all of the packaging materials and cores can be recycled or re-used.

Novacel is also committed to an approach geared to obtaining ISO 14001 certification in the near future.

For further information, visit this website www.novaguardautomotive.com