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Precoated metal protection

NOVACEL 9042 : the protection solution of the precoated metal on foaming line for the sandwich panels.

First adhesive coextruded film specialised for the protection of the precoated sandwich panels, being able to be applied to ambient temperature, the NOVACEL 9042 features a 33µm adhesive coextruded protective film, clear transparent, which thanks to its innovative backing with a polyolefines basis, has mechanical characteristics higher than traditional 50µm films with a polyethylene low density basis.

Applicable to ambient temperature, the NOVACEL 9042 has a glossed aspect which emphasizes the surface aspect of the sandwich panels.

The NOVACEL 9042 is supplied in rolls of 3000 m, thus allows to limit the number of changeovers of rolls, and up to 2800 mm in width.

The NOVACEL 9042, UV treated film, can be exposed to outdoor ageing for 3 months.

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