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The best permanent safety film: NOVACEL®9212

In case of breakage, the permanent self-adhesive safety back film (compliant with the norm EN 12600) holds together the shattered pieces of the mirror and lacquered glass.

This film is perfect to be laminated at the back of the mirrors / lacquered glass installed in buildings open to the public like hotels, airports, hospitals, fitness centers, public bathrooms, lifts,..as well as in residential places into bathrooms, dressings, ...

For mirrors / lacquered glass installed in those places for wall and ceiling decoration, dressing doors, furniture, it is highly recommended to use NOVACEL®9212 at the back.

Glass experts, producers or processors, rely on the quality of the safety back NOVACEL®9212 in your day to day activity.

Novacel strengthens its global leadership with the acquisition of Main Tape, Inc. by its holding company Chargeurs Protective Films

Monday, July 18th, 2016 Chargeurs Protective Films completed the purchase of Main Tape from Nekoosa Coated Products. Based in Cranbury, New Jersey (USA), Main Tape specializes in the design and manufacture of plastic film for temporary surface protection applications. Founded in 1987, Main Tape has successfully developed a comprehensive product and solution offering for industrial customers based primarily in the United States but also in Mexico.

The acquisition will strengthen Chargeurs Protective Films’ position, and thereby Novacel, as world's leading manufacturer of surface protection films due to the market presence, product offering and leadership. It will bring the whole business additional marketing and manufacturing capacity along with solid synergy benefits.

Laurent Derolez, Chairman of Novacel, Managing Director of Chargeurs Protective Films, said "This is an exciting development for our company and presents tremendous opportunities to accelerate growth & expand our market presence. We will of course remain focused on our customers and reinforce and build on our offerings to deliver even greater value and enhanced quality of service."

Bare metal protection / LASER cutting

LASER FIBER & LASER CO2:One NOVACEL solution for both cutting technologies!

Always a step ahead in the stainless steel protection, NOVACEL is glad to introduce a new product, 4228REF, for both LASER Fiber and CO2 cutting technologies. This product has been engineered in partnership with Trumpf for fiber LASER cutting technology. The 4228REF is approved by Trumpf, Bystronic and Salvagnini on LASER Fiber.

NOVACEL 4228REF main features:

  • Color: black / light grey
  • Film type: Polyolefins UV treated
  • Outdoor resistance: 3 months
  • Thickness: 100 µm
  • Adhesive type: solvent based rubber adhesive
  • Adhesion strength (AFERA 4001): 140 cN/cm
  • Lengths: 1000 and 500 metres
  • Dedicated specific print

NOVACEL 4228REF can be used for both LASER cutting technologies (Fiber and CO2).

NOVACEL 4228REF has a unique light grey color which easily identifies product that is suitable for cutting with fiber LASER machines.

Novacel 4228REF provides many benefits that make all the difference:

  • Protected sheet metal can be LASER cut in a single pass with Fiber or CO2 technologies
  • Film does not separate from the surface during the LASER cutting operation, preventing the formation of air bubbles.
  • Minimal shrinkage an clean edges
  • Outdoor resistance of 3 months
  • The film may be easily removed in one piece, with no blocking or tearing
  • The unique light grey color easily identifies protected plates that can be cut with LASER Fiber and LASER CO2 machines
  • A specific print shows both the potential for the correct direction for sheet metal shaving and abrasion

NOVACEL 4228REF cuts down on LASER-cutting time and maintains surface integrity throughout the cycle of various mechanical transformations (bending, backing, stamping, forming, etc.).

The film’s specific characteristics allows for automated protected sheet-metal handling while avoiding any risk of taking two plates at the same time.

NOVACEL 4228REF is totally free of any raw materials that could produce hazardous outflow to the operators or equipment during LASER cutting operation. NOVACEL 4228REF is recyclable, as it is with the entire NOVACEL range.

Samples are available upon request.

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Flat display protection

NOVACEL 9075 and 9088 : the protection solution for the flat displays market

Specially designed for the protection of optical plastic foils & films for the flat displays market (mobile computers, LCD screens, plasma screens, PDA, mobiles...), the NOVACEL 9075 and 9088 can be removed cleanly without adhesive residue.

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ISO 14001

NOVACEL secures ISO 14001 certification: the expression of a corporate commitment towards sustainable development.

NOVACEL, the world leader in industrial surface protection, has just obtained the ISO 14001 environmental certification.

With this brand new, worldwide distinction, NOVACEL asserts the commitment it has made to minimise the impact its business may have on the environment, to prevent incidents and to set up an action plan to continue improving its environmental performance.

Established in 1980, NOVACEL is a private company, a subsidiary of the Chargeurs Group. The leading-edge production facility, located in Déville-lès-Rouen, was built to ensure high-level quality. Certified ISO 9001 as early as 1995, the company has since trained all employees in being environmentally-friendly, as well as all of its subcontractors in the necessity of having exemplary behaviour in such matters.

This ISO 14001 certification is part of a long-term corporate commitment towards sustainable development. This commitment is achieved through the implementation of initiatives taken at the design, manufacturing and marketing stages of existing products, but also during the eco-design of new products.

Window Plastic Profiles protection solution

NOVACEL 9380 : the window plastic profiles protection solution

Specially designed for the protection of plastic profiles, adapted to the windows manufacturing on automated production lines, the NOVACEL 9380 features a 45 µm polyolefin film, clear transparent.

The new film ensures high tack with its reinforced adhesion for the protection of white plastic profiles or plastic profiles laminated with a film decoration (woodgrain).This is achieved through avoiding any wrinkling or bubbling during the manufacturing process.

NOVACEL 9380 has been conceived by optimizing the transparency for the visual inspections of surfaces.

The NOVACEL 9380, UV treated film, can be exposed to outdoor ageing for 6 months.

On request, the NOVACEL 9380 also comes with your trademark, advertising message or technical information printed on the film.

The NOVACEL 9380 is generally supplied in rolls of 500 m or 1000 m in length and in small widths corresponding to the widths of the profiles.

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Precoated metal protection

NOVACEL 9042 : the protection solution of the precoated metal on foaming line for the sandwich panels.

First adhesive coextruded film specialised for the protection of the precoated sandwich panels, being able to be applied to ambient temperature, the NOVACEL 9042 features a 33µm adhesive coextruded protective film, clear transparent, which thanks to its innovative backing with a polyolefines basis, has mechanical characteristics higher than traditional 50µm films with a polyethylene low density basis.

Applicable to ambient temperature, the NOVACEL 9042 has a glossed aspect which emphasizes the surface aspect of the sandwich panels.

The NOVACEL 9042 is supplied in rolls of 3000 m, thus allows to limit the number of changeovers of rolls, and up to 2800 mm in width.

The NOVACEL 9042, UV treated film, can be exposed to outdoor ageing for 3 months.

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Protection for Automotive Exterior Surfaces

NOVAGUARD® 9275:the ecological solution for protecting automobile car body during transport and storage.

Novacel, the world leader in surface protection films, is continuing the introduction of NOVAGUARD® 9275.

This white plastic film, 60 µm thick, is designed to protect automobile car body against external aggressions (acid rain, bird droppings, tool marks, etc.) during assembly, transport and storage in depots. It has 9 months exterior weather resistance throughout the world.

NOVAGUARD® 9275 film is supplied in 200 m reels, in widths ranging from 30 mm to 2,800 mm.

Fully committed to a policy of sustainable development, Novacel has designed NOVAGUARD® 9275 on the basis of polyolefins. Thanks to its solvent-free adhesive, no treatment of discharges into the atmosphere is necessary.

As long as it is not soiled during use, it can be reclaimed through incineration or recycled. In addition, all of the packaging materials and cores can be recycled or re-used.

Novacel is also committed to an approach geared to obtaining ISO 14001 certification in the near future.

For further information, visit this website www.novaguardautomotive.com