A World of Surface Protection Solutions
Protection before painting

For the interior multi-purposes before painting :

  • lasses
  • windows and frames
  • doors
  • ceramic tiling
  • sanitary
  • decorative laminates
  • household appliances
  • stairs
  • garage doors...

Dimensions of the rolls :
620 mm x 100 m (62 m² = 4kgs)

Protection Novacel des escaliers Protection Novacel des faïences

For the interior floor protection before painting :

  • ceramic tiling
  • decorative laminates parquet floors, untreated rough or varnished (exept waxed)
  • stairs
  • plastic floors
  • linoleum
  • carpets

Dimensions of the rolls :
620mm x 200m (124m2 = 10kgs)

To order film rolls, please contact us.
For your information, Novacel does not sell equipment.

Please download "Protection before painting" leaflet.