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Protection for Automotive Interior Surfaces

Other products in the Novacel range for automotive interior surfaces

Protection intérieur automobile

NOVAGUARD® 4483, 9840 and 9860 carpet protection products feature highly engineered adhesive systems that ensure your carpets will arrive factory-fresh at the dealer. Engineered for cost effectiveness and application efficiency.

Protect your interior surfaces with a Novacel solution :

  • available with custom perforations to facilitate ease of installation
  • high quick stick properties enable rapid and efficient application
  • excellent ultimate adhesion to ensure carpets remain protected
  • interior surface protective films can be custom printed

For interior door trim, pavilions, side moldings, wheel covers, mirrors, dashboard (parts printed or engraved), NOVACEL can be installed from the manufacturer or OEM automotive industry.

Novacel can guarantee you a fast and high quality service to match your needs.

For further information about the NOVAGUARD® range, please visit www.novaguardautomotive.com.

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