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NOVAGUARD®: the ecological solution for protecting automobile car body during transport and storage.

Fully committed to a sustainable development policy, Novacel has designed NOVAGUARD®9275 formulated from polyolefins.

This innovative film, is designed to protect car bodies against external aggressions (acid rains, bird droppings, tool marks, etc.) during assembly, transport and storage.

Thanks to its solvent-free adhesive, no treatment of discharges into the atmosphere is necessary.As long as it is not soiled during use, it can be reclaimed through incineration or recycled. In addition, all of the packaging materials and cores can be recycled or re-used.

Novaguard® 9275 offers you :

  • a high maximal initial tack, allowing the immediate shipment of vehicles
  • a film specially designed to assume all the body shapes the guarantee of a protection for car bodies, avoiding costs linked to the damages caused during the transport
  • no film lifting off during the transport
  • 9 months outdoor ageing all over the world
  • substancial benefits for the environment
  • solventless product
  • an optimized packaging of the rolls reducing the recycling costs

Novacel offers the users of Novaguard® 9275 an optimum service :

  • a full operator-training
  • specific tools for the application of the film on car bodies.

For further information about the NOVAGUARD® range, please visit www.novaguardautomotive.com.

Download the "Automotive" leaflet.