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Protection for Automotive Industry

Meeting increasing and highly specific requirements on assembly line

To minimize alterations, NOVACEL recommends automakers to protect the wings, doors, sharp corners, underbody of vehicles.

And for the protection of car bodies, Novacel recommends its NOVAGUARD®9275 film, subject to specialist technical laboratory testing in close collaboration with leading manufacturers and equipment suppliers in the automotive industry. Our product performances are backed with a tailormade logistics service and a network of local agencies.
Use Novaguard® 9275, the ecological solution for protecting car bodys during transport and storage.

Other products in the Novacel range for the automotive industry

For the protection of carpets and textiles, interior door trim, pavilions, side moldings, wheel covers, mirrors, dashboard (parts printed or engraved), NOVACEL can be installed from the manufacturer or OEM automotive industry.

Protection AutomobileProtection Automobile

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