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Our commitment

The satisfaction of our customers

We at Novacel are committed to continue the process of Quality, Environment & Security to improve the satisfaction of our customers and all parties interested in its activities, in compliance with regulatory requirements.

The System of Quality, Environment and Security Management achieves this objective by ensuring the quality level required under the folowing key issues:

  • Quality Products,
  • Customers Services,
  • Compliance with all legal requirements and other requirements, including those concerning in particular the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances.
Politique QES Novacel

Efficiency Management System for Quality, Environment and Security is constantly improved and this improvement was followed by the board of directors, particularly through management reviews. We undertake to make available the necessary resources.

We also commit ourselves to reducing the impacts of our activities on water, air, soil, human health, and our waste and our water consumption and energy. This is reflected particularly by the selection of raw material not dangerous to humans and the environment when designing our products.

For 2019, the major areas for improvement are:

Health and Safety Quality Environment
  • Reduce the accident rate
  • Reduce occupational disorders
  • Reduce the customer complaints rate
  • Improve service levels / meet deadlines
  • Reduce VOC emissions
  • Prevent water pollutions
  • Reduce costs
  • Develop eco-designed, high quality innovating products