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Sustainable Development

Protecting your products and the environment.

Novacel is firmly committed to a system based on total quality and sustainable development. It has worked hard since its inception to reconcile its industrial activity with environmental protection. Novacel Déville is certified ISO 14001.

Novacel is developing a global strategy which will take account of the complete life cycle of its products.

At present, as regards to REACH regulation, NOVACEL can attest that none of the substances included in the list published by the European Chemicals Agency enters into the composition of its films. However, NOVACEL can not, for obvious confidentiality reasons, communicate the composition of its films.

The Waste Executive Directive No. 2008/98/CE requires that each state of the European Union takes appropriate measures to promote energy recovery through recycling, re-use, recovery or any other action for secondary raw materials, or the use of waste as energy source. In this context, NOVACEL certify that protective films can be recycled. Energy recovery and dumpling are also possible, in accordance with local or national regulations in force, in authorised waste treatment center.

Integrating this approach into our decisional processes is stimulating innovation, contributing to the creation of long term value and strengthening our competitive advantage.

Novacel préserve l'environnement