A World of Surface Protection Solutions

A manufacturer of self-adhesive plastic film for over 30 years, NOVACEL is an international expert in surface protection.

Manufacturer of plastic film rolls

Until the start of the 1990s the only available technology offered by manufacturers was coated plastic film, but this was then completed by the introduction of adhesive coextrusion technology. Novacel, as an expert manufacturer, kept up with the market and were able to offer adhesive coextruded products as soon as 1995.

NOVACEL can print your products using one or more colours to add a logo, a brand, an advertising slogan, user instructions, assembly instructions or indicate technical standards. Printed Novacel film then becomes a true medium to promote both your image and your products.

The NOVACEL® line of plastic surface protection films includes about 250 different products. They can be delivered throughout the world, in rolls, via a network of distributors and international agents, guaranteeing high level, flexible and fast local service.

Rolls can vary in size for most products up to widths of 3200 mm, and a length of up to 4000m, depending on the thickness.

Equipped with an easy to use machine on your line (or on exit from it), you can easily install a NOVACEL® protective film roll. A well designed and correctly adjusted application machine makes it possible to unroll and apply the plastic film onto the material to be protected:

  • automatically on the line, or on exit from the line,
  • using even pressure on the entire surface,
  • without folds or air bubbles,
  • with minimum tension on the length and width of the film.

Free from scratches, dirt and chips, the protected material (pre-lacquered metal, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic plate, laminates, glass, etc.) keep their initial surface quality throughout the transformation, assembly, transport or storage operations.

Before using the selected product we strongly recommend to always carry out a full test. This test should especially take into account the type of material on which it will be used, its surface condition, working constraints, as well as the duration and the different actual ageing conditions required.

Our technical assistance team can quickly be operational on your sites to recommend the most suitable protective film for your use, advise you on the installation of your application equipment and back you up when installing the rolls and applying Novacel self-adhesive plastic films on your material.