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Mission Statement: to provide you the best protection for your products

A presence in more than 60 countries, Novacel is the world leader of self-adhesive films for surface protection in the industrial sector (building, household appliances, automotive, electronics). Application of Novacel film leaves the surface of materials undamaged. Through every stage of manufacture or processing -bending, drilling, stamping, profiling, handling, transport and storage - Novacel film provides a protective barrier against external damage, preventing scratching, soiling... Novacel film also lenghtens production tools life.

Protection Novacel lors du perçageProtection Novacel lors de l'emboutissageProtection Novacel lors du profilage

The protective film can be applied to materials as varied as stainless steel, aluminium, precoated metal, plastics sheets and profiles, decorative laminates, textiles & carpets, glass... The nature and the surface finishes to be protected governs the formulation of the film's adhesive mass. Thickness and colour vary according to technical requirements and the film is easily removed, leaving no trace on the surface.

Indication of its high quality :

  • Novacel has been awarded ISO 9001 version 2008
  • ISO 14001 for its commitment towards sustainable development.